Frequently Asked Questions  (Very Important)
Q: What Types of Windshield Damages Can be Repaired by Pitstop? A: We Can Repair Chips, Bullseyes and Even Cracks up to 18 inches! Q: How Much Time is Required to Repair My Windshield? A: Just as our name implies, Pitstop Autoglass is dedicated to performing your windshield crack repairs in as little as 15 minutes. Our proprietary process combines the knowledge of many years and over 35,000 successful repairs. Q: Will the Repair Still Be Visible After You Are Finished? A: We are usually able to extract 75-95% of the visible damage, but you will always see a tiny spot (similar to a dried water spot) where the area was repaired. The most important aspect of repair is to keep it from spreading further causing a mandatory replacement. It is also very important to repair damaged windshields as soon as possible after each occurrence.The sooner that your damage is repaired, the better it will look. * Note: Car wash chemicals WILL cause the damage to be more visible after repair. Q: How Much Do You Charge for Windshield Repair Service? A: Unlike our competitors, we have prices that are easy to understand. - Small chips are only $60 for the first repair & just $30 for each additional rock chip repair > A rock 'chip' is defined as damage which can be covered by a coin. See our full pricing list. - Long, Single-Line Cracks are $80 up to 8 inches in length and $100 for over 8 inches. > For damage over 12", we must visually inspect and qualify the glass prior to repair Q: What Is Your Warranty & Guarantee? A: Pitstop™ guarantees our glass repair work for the life of the windshield. If the repair fails, Pitstop™ will attempt to stop and fill the damaged area again at no charge. If the damage continues to spread, we will assist you through our concierge replacement process. Your Pitstop™ Autoglass replacement is warranted against air and water leaks, defective materials and/or workmanship for as long as you own your car. It takes more than just the ability to install glass to be on our Pit Crew - Our installers are hands-down the best in the business. Our replacement windshields also come with a 12-month no charge repair warranty! Q: Do I Need to Make an Appointment for Repair Service? A: Walk-ins are welcome and we will find a way to fit you in if you can allow a few minutes extra for service. If you are in a hurry and need to make a Pitstop™, just let us know when you are coming in. Q: How Will My Windshield Look After the Repair? A: Due to the nature of automotive glass, it is almost impossible to make a rock chip or crack completely disappear. In most cases, your visibility will improve significantly after windshield repair, but overall clarity of your repair depends on the size and/or length of the damage, the age of the damage, the amount of glass that is missing from the damage and the quantity of fragmented glass inside of the damage. Also, the car wash chemicals used today will keep us from being able to repair your glass. You must avoid washing or cleaning the glass in any way. If you do so, we will not be able to regain optical clarity.
PLEASE NOTE: For the best windshield repair results, follow these guidelines: DO cover the fresh damage with clear tape to keep debris away. DO keep your windows cracked open about 1 inch to balance the inside and outside temperatures. DO park in the shade if at all possible. DO NOT use the the vehicle’s windshield washer. These chemicals will cause permanent damage. DO NOT wash the vehicle prior to repair. Car wash chemicals will cause permament damage. DO NOT clean the glass or touch the damage with oily fingers. DO NOT slam the doors until you repair. The extra pressure can cause more damage. DO NOT blast the radio loudly until you repair. Hi/Low frequencies can shatter glass. DO NOT use your defroster or use air conditioning until you repair your damaged glass. DO NOT use the the vehicle’s windshield washer. These chemicals will cause permanent damage.* DO NOT wash the vehicle prior to repair. Car wash chemicals will cause permament damage.* * You’re right...we repeated ourselves. We’re serious about these. By following these guidelines, your Pitstop ®windshield repair technician will have the best canvas available in order to provide you with excellent results.