Window Tint Laws in California: What You Need to Know

Window TintIf you’re thinking about tinting your windows in California, there are a few laws that you will need to follow. California has regulations depending on which area of the vehicle you wish to tint, and these regulations are based around a darkness rating called the Visible Light Transmission percentage. There are also certain laws in regards to how reflective your window tint can be. Unlike many other states, California’s tint laws are the same for sedans, SUVs and vans.

Window Tint laws in CAWhat are the window tint laws in California?

  • Windshields allow non-reflective tint at the very top of the windshield only, which can extend 4 inches downwards.
  • Front side windows are required to let 88% or more of light in and cannot be reflective.
  • Back side windows can be any darkness but cannot be reflective.
  • Rear windows are allowed to have any level of darkness and can be reflective.

There can sometimes be exceptions to window tint laws for people who have medical conditions requiring additional tint. Window tint laws are intended to both preserve a driver’s ability to see the road and to protect police officers and other emergency personnel from the possibility of entering into an unknown situation. Consequently, law enforcement officials tend to take the issue seriously. Those that do have tint that is too dark may run the risk of being pulled over and issued a citation.

Auto Glass experts can ensure that your vehicle meets all of the applicable laws and regulations in the state of California. The best ones can guarantee that your windshield will be safely and correctly installed and that your tint will be appropriately applied, attractive and durable. But some companies that install windshields and apply tint are not fully aware of these regulations. This can lead to problems for the driver later on. So be very careful while choosing among them.


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